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  • Opera Mini Browser

    Codes To Activate Etisalat Opera Mini Browser Browsing Experience

    Enjoy Etisalat Browsing Experience For Your Money Opera Mini as been regarded the World’s most advanced and most popular mobile internet browser to make you browse the internet at fast speeds. The Opera mini browser make browsing on phones a very friendly experience on Smartphone with unique features from Etisalat Opera Mini offer. The unique […]

  • Couple Tracker

    Download Couple Tracker-Free Android Mobile Monitor

    Couple Tracker-Mobile monitor Couple Tracker app allows the couple to monitor, exchange, and share SMS, Call History, Facebook messages, GPS locations with one another in real-time. Usefulness of the application * Helps couples to catch cheating partner * Reduce risk of infidelity / affair * Reduce jealous behavior of lovers * Mutual monitoring and overview […]

  • Glo borrow me credit

    How To Activate Your Glo Borrow Me Credit

    Glo Borrow Me Credit Globacom launched a new innovative service called Borrow Me Credit for their esteemed Prepaid Customers. This Globacom data plan will allow users to top up their account when they runs out of credit and not able to get a recharge card nearby. Sometimes, there are situations when users cannot even go […]

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  • Mobile

  • Tecno F5

    Tecno F5 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean – Awesome 5.0 Mega Pixel Camera

    Tecno F5 Android Mobile Phone – Device Specifications Tecno F5 Android 4.2 super slim phone is a low-cost 4 inch phone that delivers a better performance with its 1GB RAM to support lots of apps and games to run more smoothly. The smartphone has a sleeker and more stylish design display to offer better outdoor […]

  • iPhone 5 Otterbox Defender Case

    iPhone 5 Otterbox Defender Case: Save Your Phone and Your Wallet

    iPhone 5 Otterbox Defender Case Our cell phones take major abuse every day no matter how careful we are with our phones; accidents are a bound to happen. The warm sand on the beach as you relax, a few drops of rain, an accidental drop as you get out of the car, and the most […]

  • MTN Mini Androids Smartphone

    MTN Sm@rt Mini S620 Android Smartphone

    MTN Sm@rt Mini S620 Android Smartphone Reviews MTN, the giant Telecommunication in Nigeria is set to début its first Smartphone for the Smartphone lovers and those aspiring to own one. We can authoritatively show to you that the smartphone will be known as MTN Sm@rt Mini S620 best android smartphone which will be available in […]

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  • Samsung series 9 notebook

    Samsung Ativ Series 9 NP900X3E-A02US 13.3-Inch Windows 8 Ultrabook 4GB RAM Notebook

    Samsung Series 9  Ultrabook This ultrabook is one of the lightest and thinnest with sturdy exterior design featuring a sleek aluminium surface and a durable cover. The notebook latest Intel Core processor offers optimized handling of a range of IT tasks. Samsung series 9 is designed to meet your rigorous, ever-changing demands of business and travel. It brings […]

  • Acer Aspire A5600U Core i3

    Acer Aspire A5600U Core i3: 23 Inch Touchscreen Desktop computer

    Acer Aspire A5600U Core i3 Acer Aspire A5600U Core i3 touchscreen desktop computer has all the greatest entertainment you want. The desktop computer is an all in one 23 inch full HD touchscreen, 1.4 inches thick for multiple users with all the fun and fluid Windows 8 interface. The desktop has a simple tilt display […]

  • Lenovo Yoga

    Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 B6000 16GB WiFi

    Lenovo tablet 16GB WiFI is incorporated with an epic battery life to keep you going over a longer period with its superb battery life, The battery lasting up to 18 hours for you to go all day and night without needing recharging. The cylinder-shaped side chamber of the device allows more room for battery storage and […]

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  • 11 Tools To Kick Start Your Social Media Strategy

    11 Tools To Kick Start Your Social Media Strategy

    When it comes to generating traffic to your blog, it’s wise to diversify your traffic sources and not to rely completely on search engines. That’s where having a social media strategy comes into play but there’s so much to think about and so many places… Related posts: 10 ways to grow your followers on social […]

  • 6 Simple Tips to Get the Attention of Major Blogs

    6 Simple Tips to Get the Attention of Major Blogs

    Guest posting gives you recognition and improved authority, greater exposure for your blog, quality backlinks, and new opportunities for growth. And these are just few of the reasons why you need to guest blog . But what if you are not some big name… Related posts: Your 3 Main Strategies To Get Many Backlinks Top […]

  • 3 WordPress Editing Tips You Need to Know

    3 WordPress Editing Tips You Need to Know

    Today we make a visit to our WordPress Wednesday series and take a look at three WordPress editing tips. I love working with the WordPress platform as it’s so amazingly easy to use, it acts much like a word processing document, you don’t need to learn… Related posts: Cleaning Up Your Blog or WordPress Site […]

  • 5 Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Blog Secure

    5 Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Blog Secure

    How safe is your blog from the dangers of hackers? Have you taken the steps necessary to at least make it difficult for them to gain access? Or is this something still etched in on your to-do list? It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in creating your niche… Related posts: 5 Tips to […]

  • Etisalat Nigeria Jobs

    Etisalat Nigeria Currently Recruiting To fill The Following Vacant Positions

    Etisalat Nigeria is recruiting to fill the positions below Etisalat Nigeria with the vision of a world where people reach is not limited by matter or distance, creating a world where people will effortlessly stay in touch with family and friends and a world where businesses of all sizes can reach new markets without the […]

  • 7 mobile apps driving the rise of productive telecommuting

    7 mobile apps driving the rise of productive telecommuting

    Telecommuting and mobile apps have become married in a virtual dance of productivity enhancement, but you have to have the right apps to maximize that productivity. In an increasingly mobile-connected world, employees depend on their mobile devices for… Related posts: Factors to be considered while choosing Mobile Apps Download Top Free Online Mobile Shopping Smartphone […]

  • Cloud DNS

    Cloud DNS to speed up Website

    Host your domain on Cloud DNS Cloud DNS is a service which gives more flexibility and power to website owners. Many of us are having multiple domains from different registrars for discounts or anything else but as count increases it becomes very difficult… No related posts.

  • Software Administrator

    AB Micro Finance Bank Nigeria Limited Recruiting Software Administrator

    AB Micro Finance Bank A foreign-owned financial institution based in Lagos state, AB Micro finance Bank Nigeria a micro finance bank offering broad range of financial services to small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) among other clients in the lower-income industry currently recruiting A Software Administrator with the knowledge on how to keep up log of […]

  • 10 ways to grow your followers on social media

    10 ways to grow your followers on social media

    It’s a fact: your social media marketing strategy is only as good as the work you put into it. If you set up profiles on a handful of channels months ago and haven’t done much since to increase your followers, you can’t expect to drive much traffic back… Related posts: 11 Tools To Kick Start […]

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